Welcome Home Our Adopted Marines

We have Two Adopted Marine Corps Units: 2nd Battalion 4th Marines (The Magnificent Bastards) and HMLA 469 (Vengeance), Camp Pendleton. Both Units are on Deployment. Both Units total approximately 2000 Marines and Sailors. We support both Units by All Types of Family Assistant Programs, Welcome Home BBQ's, Christmas Parties, and 4th Of July Fireworks Pot-Lucks at Park Semper Fi, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Pier. We also fund activities for their Families when they are on deployments.

We are Raising Funds for their Welcome Home Celebrations in October-November. Funds will be used for Food, Prizes, and Children Gifts.

These Celebrations mean so very much to them by showing them that their Neighboring Community cares for them and wishes to show their appreciation for their Sacrifices to our Country.

We will be most appreciative for your support and will thank you for your contributions.

G. Wayne Eggleston photo G. Wayne Eggleston signature G. Wayne Eggleston, Executive Director
The Heritage of San Clemente Foundation
Former City Council Member & Mayor

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