Although the Monument has been dedicated and is now standing proudly in Park Semper Fi, we still need your support to maintain the Park and the monument to preserve and insure its integrity.

J. K. Davis, General USMC (Ret.), Assistant Commandant Marine Corps, 1983-1986.

This Marine Corps Monument recognizes and connects San Clemente with Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and honor all Marines who have served there and will serve in the future. As a San Clemente resident, I urge all San Clemente residents to join me in supporting this worthy project with a continued contribution for the maintenance of the Monument and Park Semper Fi.

Those that contribute $5,000 or more will receive a 15-inch high replica Marine Statue made of cold cast bronze.

For contributions of $1000 or more, a name plate will go on the Donor Wall at Park Semper Fi.

Please indicate how you would like to have acknowledged contribution.

Your contribution is TAX DEDUCTABLE; Federal Non-Profit #33-0776720

Yes, I (we) wish to Support a Marine Corps
Monument in San Clemente to Honor those Men and Women, Our Neighbors to the South, who have Fought for Our Country's Liberties.

Our Monument is a
'Statement of Respect'
that will last for generations 

2014 Financial Statement